LPG Filling Stations

Lpg Storage Tank

Product description

LPG fuel is Extremely versatile providing exceptional convenience to homes and businesses.
It is very portable, being stored and transported in LPG tanks, as a liquid, and used as a gas when needed. Our LPG has high purity for superior vaporization and clean burning.

Pump Technology

Product description

Key Benefits:
1. Robust construction
2.High pumping efficiency
3.Long lifetime Easy replacement of wear parts

Technical Feature::
1. Capacities up to 950l/min
2.Max. differential pressure up to 10,5 bar
3.Connection NPT threaded 2, 3, or 4 flanges and flanges with weld ends Easy replacement of wear parts
4.Connection ANSI-flange with weld ends 3” and 4”
5.Internal relief valve pre-set at the factory, not adjustable.

Compressor Technology

Product description

Oil-free non-lubricated piston compressor units for transferring propane/butane from ocean tankers, rail tankers, or road tankers to storage tanks are equipped with all required components such as pressure gauges, mechanical liquid trap, strainer, 4-way-ball valve, V-belt, ex-proof motor and are mounted on a common steel base plate, ready for connection to plant facilities. They are completely welded, assembled, primed, and painted.

Technical Feature:
1. Capacities up to 200 m3/h
2.Low maintenance cost
3.Reliability, precision, long lifetime
4.Fast and easy installatio


Product description

Key Benefits:
1. Long lifetime
2.Low maintenance cost
3.High precision, accuracy, reliability
4.Different types of filling nozzles available
5.Execution with the piston or mass flow meter
6.Hose retraction system

Mass Flow Meter

Product description

Industrial operations often consume a lot of LPG at a very fast rate.
For these purposes, MARU provides you the Mass Flow Meter, a unique device that is used to measure the mass of LPG consumed in different applications in the manufacturing process.
The highly sensitive sensors giving us a direct measure of the flow of liquid or gas in the pipe pick up and analyze flow changes.

Electronic Control Panel

Product description

This product has been developed to be used on any this product has been developed for use on any type of tank for measuring liquids type of tank for measuring flammable liquids and gases.
LPG, Fuel, Diesel, and flammable products and gases: LPG, Fuel, Diesel, and petroleum products. Oil tankers.

Lpg Gas Detectors

Product description

Technical Specification:
1. Can be used in cylinder input and output systems mechanism.
2.Aluminum and inbox body and pan
3.Weighing accuracy: 10 gr
4.Filling accuracy: 10 gr
5.Maximum filling capacity: 15 kg
6.Accessories, Additional Equipment, and Safety Devices