Tile & plastic manufacturing equipment

Pet preform mould

Cap mould


1.For water, beverage, tea drinks etc.
2.For edible oil and condiments such as soy sauce.
3.For cosmetic, health care products,pharmaceutical, food field.

Blow Mould

Product description

RDM supplies various pet blow mould. Which has covered the whole fields of mineral water, soft drink, and juice as well as in other food and non-food utilization.
It permits our customers to produce high-quality PET bottles with the most economical investment, the shortest production startup time, and the lowest maintenance cost.

Cap lining machine

Cap folding machine

automatic cap upload

hopper dryer

water chiller

mould temperature controller

dehumidifying machine


vertical color mixing machine

high pressure air compresser

low pressure air compresser

Product description

◆ Double rollers can be used in series.

◆ Equipped with self-acting constant temperature water adding device; multi-point atomization of water promotes the formation of a smooth colloidal layer on the surface of the rice and extends the maintenance period of the rice.

◆ The process is flexible, and it can be used in parallel or in series without a hoist.

air dryer

air filter

screw compresser

cap slitting machine

cap compression moulding machine

super charger

Product description

◆ Used to sort unripe brown rice from brown rice.

◆ It can reduce the white grains entering the machine and increase the rice output rate.

air storage tank